• China Revealed 103: Mt Huangshan

    Date: 2013.02.25 | Category: China Documentary | Tags:

    china documentary Follow the footsteps of artists and poets in a pilgrimage to the very top of Yellow Mountain — the home of the immortals. Thousand-year-old stairs carved into the rock scale the sides of the mountain, disappearing into mist and narrow praecipes to reach the abode of the gods – mountain islands floating in a sea of clouds.

    This video clip is a preview of the introductory sequence from this episode of the 10 x 1-hour 3D factual television documentary series produced by NHNZ and China Intercontinental Communications Centre, for broadcast on 3net


    Stock footage from this show is available from Moving Images — NHNZ’s stock footage archive. http://nhnzmovingimages.com

    Duration : 0:1:12