• ‘ Where McDonalds’ Meat Comes From ‘

    Date: 2013.04.03 | Category: China Documentary Production | Tags:

    china documentary production Is this video truthful? You decide. Keep in mind, however, that this isn’t necessarily describing the slaughterhouse conditions, rather, the meat processing plant’s sanitation.

    ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (prior to 11/16/11):
    Hearing all rumors about what McDonalds puts inside their meat, like worms and cow eye, where they get it from, I decided to investigate. It turns out, for the past 25 years, McDonalds buys the majority of its beef from Lopez Foods, located in the USA (although, they import some beef from Australia). The facility is very clean, USDA inspected, and their procedures for handling the meat seem very sanitary. Lopez Foods buys beef from other slaughter houses, and processes it to the Hamburgers. Thats it.

    Duration : 0:6:12