• CIA in Tibet – Escape of The Dalai Lama – part 2/3

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    Currently in production, CIA IN TIBET is an inside look at the CIA’s covert backing of Tibet’s guerrilla war with China in the 50s and 60s. This documentary project is being produced by the daughter of a former CIA case officer who worked on the Tibetan Task Force in India and Nepal. Combined with rare archival and personal footage, her father’s never-before-told stories mix with other key player’s accounts and diverse perspectives in this timely examination of a seminal event in Tibet’s continuing struggle for independence from China.

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    From the beginnings of the Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950, to the end of the CIA’s operation in 1972, CIA IN TIBET recounts an epic era where an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans died in the Resistance, and seeks to reveal how the events of the past have shaped the ongoing issues today.

    * How did the Tibetan resistance deal with with the conflict between their Buddhist belief in non-violence, and the need to fight for their country’s freedom?
    * From top-secret training in guerrilla warfare, to midnight overflights dropping weapons, supplies, and Tibetan freedom fighters into Chinese-occupied Tibet, what finally brought an end to the CIA’s 15 year operation?
    * What impact did the CIA ultimately have in Tibet’s ongoing mission to be an independent nation?

    When the Dalai Lama first fled Lhasa on March 17, 1959, no one but his entourage knew where he was, until the CIA eventually located him through the two-man radio team they had trained. For the rest of the world, rumors began spreading and the international press had a field day. This video gives some context of the media frenzy that spread throughout the world about the disappearance of the Dalai Lama.

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